In violation of State law, Golden Hills Community Services District is attempting to take over trash collection services in our community. Help bring this issue to light!

golden hills FACTS.

Despite efforts by Golden Hills CSD to shut down objections from Benz Sanitation and local residents, this issue will be heard before the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo).

Read the law for yourself. SB 135 took effect in 2006 to prevent what Golden Hills CSD is trying to do (grab power against the will of residents and without due process)!

Find out the truth about actions of Golden Hills CSD over the past seven years to try and take over trash service, despite an advisory vote in 2010 that showed residents are against the idea.


The Kern County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) at its October meeting agreed to reconsider its March 27, 2013 vote that improperly granted new authority to the Golden Hills Community Services District! One LAFCo Commissioner told GHCSD to stop spending public money until this issue is settled. Of course, GHCSD has refused and costs associated with its actions continue to rise.


PAGES UPDATED 10/30/2013:

IF GOLDEN HILLS CSD SELECTS A NEW HAULER, HERE'S WHAT LOCAL RESIDENTS MAY BE GETTING! Check out the complaints against Waste Management, Inc. at the Better Business Bureau (including the company's revoked BBB accreditation)!

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